5 tips when buying a lilac

A lilac (Syringa) is hardy. A good shrub for the garden. The Syringa is actually somewhere between a shrub and a tree.
Look carefully to see which one you buy, some lilacs grow to more than 10 metres high, but these are exceptions.

The plant is related to the olive.

Delightful scent in your garden
Plant a lilac near your terrace. The sweet scent will make you happy.
A lilac does like sunshine, so plant it in a light place. A lilac also attracts butterflies. Also read our blog “How to create a butterfly garden”.


A lilac grows in an acidic, but also in a calcareous soil.
See the photo below. This one is in a soil that isn’t limey, but with annual liming, the bush grows just fine.

5 tips for buying a lilac
Buy a lilac at a good nursery or green centre.
They will ensure healthy plants.
Choose between a standard lilac or a shrub
Choose the desired colour (blue, pink, white).
Check how tall and wide the bush can grow. There are dwarf lilacs.
Make a sufficiently large planting hole

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