Harvesting from your own garden – vegetable garden

Harvesting from your own garden or kitchen garden
The vegetable garden season has started again. You do not need a large vegetable garden to grow your own lettuce, delicious beans, tomatoes, flowers, etc. A few square metres are enough to create a mini kitchen garden or to plant a patch of herbs.

Tomato plants
Nothing beats home-grown vegetables, fruit, potatoes and herbs. Tastes really good, but even better, you can grow it healthy and you know what happened to it. We still eat the tomato soup from last year’s freezer and still enjoy the home-grown pumpkins.
The harvest in the photo consists of our own asparagus (yes, this is possible), peonies and strawberries. Asparagus are grown on a hill. In the asparagus season, you cover the mounds with black plastic. This way you get beautiful white asparagus. After the season, you fertilise the plants, cut them and wait for next year. And that is all for delicious asparagus.
Peonies are perennials, you sprinkle them twice a year with grains of organic plant food and once a year with a handful of lime. In the months of May/June you can harvest beautiful peonies. I cut them off completely for the winter and they come back the next year. This is not difficult either. And you can please everyone with a beautiful bunch of peonies.

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